Chinese Herbal Medicine

Since its earliest recorded history, Chinese culture has been deeply steeped in the use of plants, minerals, and animal parts for medicinal purposes. Herbs are an important part of TCM treatment because when you ingest them they can effect change internally. In contrast, acupuncture manipulates external energy to affect change. Acupuncture and herbs are often combined in TCM treatment. Herbal treatment is very effective and absolutely safe when accurately prescribed and taken according to directions. Each person requires an individualized formula to address his or her unique situation.

Abundant Spring dispenses herbs in two ways:

Powdered individual herbs: These powders are mixed into infinitely customizable formulas. The powdered formula is dissolved in water and consumed as a tea. These are the most potent and effective form of herbs in the dispensary.

Patent herbal tablets: Patents are standardized herbal formulas manufactured into easy-to-take tablets. Because they are pre-made, these formulas are limited in their customization and may require the combination of two to three separate formulas together to achieve a specific result. Patent herbs are slightly less potent than powdered herbs and may require a longer course of treatment for some people.

Herbs may not be appropriate if you are taking beta-blockers, hypertensive or blood thinning medications or you have kidney and/or liver metabolism issues. Your doctor will be notified of your herbal therapy.