Natural Conception

Conception occurs when the right things happen at just the right time.  Optimizing fertility and improving pregnancy success is different for each couple.  We look at each couple individually and develop a specialized treatment plan to increase the chances of conception and healthy full-term pregnancy.  Our goal is to uncover and enhance you fertility potential that may be blocked or disrupted by many factors. 

Although our focus is on the reproductive system, we look at the body as a whole.  It is equally if not more important to assist your constitution to maintain pregnancy once it occurs.The health and well-being of your entire body is important when preparing to conceive naturally.  Your diet, lifestyle, constitution and mental space can determine how prepared your body is to conceive and carry a full-term healthy pregnancy.  As your overall health increases, you fertility will increase as well.

Chinese medicine focuses on the balanced approach, where too much exercise can be as harmful as too little, and too many supplements may overwhelm the body and decrease the overall effectiveness.