Pre-Birth Acupuncture

PreBirth treatment involves a series of four to six treatments weekly from 34 to 36 weeks to prepare the body for an healthy successful labor. We tailor treatment specific to a woman's pregnancy history, constitution and current symptoms. 

The focus of pre-birth acupuncture treatments are to:

  • ripen the cervic and assist effacement
  • enhance overall energy and stamina necessary for a healthy labor
  • assist the baby in being in the best position for labor

Initial research on pre-birth acupuncture treatments is showing promising findings.  A study done in New Zealand Debra Betts and Sue Lennox looking at 169 women who received pre-birth acupuncture compared to the general population being treated solely by midwives, general practitioners and specialists found:

  • an overall reduction of 43% in the number of inductions for women having their first pregnancy
  • an overall reduction of 35%in the number of inductions for women having their second or subsequent pregnancies
  • a 31% overall reduction in the epidural rate
  • There was no difference in the onset of early labor in those women receiving prebirth acupuncture

Although this is a general study based on the clinical observation and not a randomized controlled study of large sample size, it does begin to reflect the potential  benefits of acupuncture helping to prepare for labor and provide a basis for future studies.

Source: Debra Betts

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